Champion bUlldogs

Our Olde English Bulldogges are from 65-85 pounds for the males and females 60-70 pounds.  Our dogs are a combination of the finest bloodlines available including the Champion bloodline (created by us), Hermes, Pelto and Gargoyle bloodlines. Our goal is to produce a sound, healthy, free whelping, free breathing, working and/or companion bulldog.

Our dogs are high energy and athletic, not fat couch potatoes or just a bigger version of the English Bulldog. Olde Bulldogs are able to run and play with your family.

Our dogs are our re-creation of the Olde Tyme Working Bulldogge of

Great Britain and early colonial America.

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Are dogs are ioeba registered


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          Welcome to Champion Bulldogs. We are working very hard to produce some of the finest bulldogs ever seen. We have selected from the best foundation stock to get the best start for our program to produce what we know is to be the ultimate bulldog.  We have only a few dogs so we make them the best. We are working close with a few great friends to continue this great line we have going strong for years to come. Champion Bulldogs is located in Menomonie, Wisconsin.